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As I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed on my commute home from work last month, I came across an ad about a community earning platform that promises to generate stable income every month. I initially wanted to skip the ad, thinking it was just another scam. However, I clicked on the link just to see what’s it all about and to have a laugh with my colleague. I wasn’t very impressed initially, but I was desperate to make some extra cash, so when I got home I opened the website to check it out deeper. If you want to skip my boring storyline 😉 you can press here to see my results.

As it turns out, the platform is a community-based solution that offers a few methods to generate stable income. I was still hesitant, so I checked a few reviews and found out that some people have really made a handsome profit using Westernasset.pro. 

Community members pay a commission percentage after they make a profit, which means that using the platform doesn’t cost a thing. If you make a profit – you’ll pay your part. If you don’t, then you don’t pay for anything.

The platform offers a number of solutions that will help you make a profit. Users can use the platform’s technology to generate a stable income, but the whole platform depends on active and motivated members

How much money you’ll make depends on the time you’re willing to invest, so I completed the questionnaire and was asked if I wanted to generate passive income or generate income by working.

Although my recommended option was to generate passive income with the help of a financial market analysis technology that combines the expertise of professional traders and the power of artificial intelligence to generate from +10% to 25% capital growth each month, I decided to try out this option later and first try to generate income by working.

The option to generate income by working uses technology to help you earn 1€ every few minutes. I started working from home last week, so I had a lot of free time on my hand – time I could fulfill doing something engaging and make some profit.

There are many reviews of fellow bloggers on the internet, and they’ve documented how they made their profit. I was sold – I had to try this platform! After talking with fellow community members, I was thinking about how much to invest and which solution to try first. Although I thought that €200 might be enough, I was advised to start off with €500 to earn more. That’s a lot of money, but the encouragement I got from friends that have been using the platform for some time and fellow users 

So, I completed the training, and was ready to make some buck!

My goal is to try and get from €500 to €5000 as fast as I can – if it’s possible. Yes, I know it sounds too optimistic, but only time will tell if it’s a real goal or not.

11-45€950€450I had the option to choose between €0,1 sessions, €1 sessions, and €10 sessions. Following my consultations with fellow platform users and judging by the Westernasset.pro reviews of other bloggers, I decided to go with €10 sessions. Most of the sessions are smooth and easy, and they don’t last more than 2-3 minutes. The thing I love the most about the software is that you can’t have a losing session – every session ends with a profit of €10.
10 sessions in, and I already won €100 easily. I continued playing, and it seemed almost unreal how easily the sessions were ending. The longest session lasted for about 3-4 minutes, and I finished day 1 with an amazing €450 of profit. The final balance for the day is €950.
245-108€1580€630I had more free time today, so I fired up the software and started the sessions. This was when the first long session hit me. I heard people talking about the ‘long sessions’, but I didn’t know what it is – until I had one. The session lasted for more than 5 minutes, and at one point I had to wager all of my money. Thankfully, I won, and the session finished with profit. However, betting almost a €1,000 on a single bet seemed like too much for me, especially when you consider that you only win €10 in the end. Nevertheless, that’s how the strategy works. I didn’t completely lose my confidence, but I was wondering what would have happened if I lost the bet and lose all my money. Will my €500 go down the drain? I had to leave my home soon, so I turned everything off with €1580 in my bankroll, which is more than €1000 in profit so far – in just two days!
3108-218€2680€1100This was the best day so far. I had no long sessions to day – at least not as long as yesterday. I managed to complete a whopping 110 sessions in 3 hours – which translates to €1100 of profit in a single day! My current balance is €2680, however, I have to admit that it’s risky playing with so much money.
4218-318€3680€1000Day 4 went smooth as well. After I completed 100 sessions, I decided that it was enough for today. The long sessions still scare me, but the good thing is that when your bankroll is higher, the session is more likely to finish – simply because you have more money to operate with. With 100 sessions completed, that’s €1000 in my pocket, and my total balance is €3680. 
5318-433€4830€1150Today was a real roller-coaster! The long session hit me at around ~4000€ balance, and at one point I thought I lost it all. Thankfully, I managed to finally finish the session which lasted for around 15 minutes. In my opinion, this is the biggest downside of the platform. The long sessions are tiring and scary, and you have to bet big money to win just €10 in the end. I finished the day in profit again, and after completing 115 sessions, I’m at €4830 balance – out of which €4330 in profit. Wow! 
6433-450€5000€170I was eager to complete my test and withdraw my winnings, so I completed 17 sessions and finally reached the milestone of €5000 in my balance. I wanted to withdraw my winnings, so I contacted my mentor and he explained to me that I should withdraw 20% of my total balance to avoid issues with the casino. I went to the cashier page, selected my withdrawal method, and was waiting for the money to arrive.

I was waiting for 5 days for the casino to review my documents and my account, and after 3 days, the money was in my account! 

Although I had many doubts before I started this test, some of them have been cleared. However, I still don’t know what would’ve happened if I lost my money during some of the long sessions, and I must note that the process would be much slower if I played with €1 sessions instead of €10, although €1 is the much safer option.